Why One Topic? I mean don’t get me wrong I get this concept, I really do. The concept goes as so: Have your site focus on one niche so that it is targeted and you look like the guru in it. Which I understand that though what I am about to do here on my site is break that rule, break it no, absolutely shatter it. I mean don’t get me wrong on my other websites they yes will be targeted and focused on one niche. But on my own personally site that is about me and I am the brand and have no intentionsRead More →

So you got your WordPress website setup but do you have it optimized or secured? Is your wp config/wp-config done right? Most of what is in this doesn’t require you to have root access (also known as administrator in the Windows world) or even much knowledge about programming for that matter. All you will need to do to accomplish this is copy the code below and replace the sections with the <> with your information and you will be set to go. If you don’t have a development environment or even know what that is then don’t worry about the ‘local’ section. Now I didRead More →

Samsung Smart TV

So why am I doing a Samsung Smart TV Review and why did I add it to my list of things that I am interested in? Samsung Smart TV review simplified: When it comes to buying Smart TVs I personally won’t even think about buying any other brand of Smart TV. I have had family members that have had other brands and watched as the TVs apps started not being supported any more and fading away. Sure this can be fixed with something like Roku and my family member got one to be able to still use there older TV but now all their newerRead More →

Why ASUS Routers? For starters let me tell you a little story. I gotten high speed internet and I kept running into this issue where my internet would constantly keep dropping and for what I was paying for I just could not understand why my download speed was horrible and I kept having issues. Since I have a technical background I had diagnosed and determined that it had to be the router, the garbage fin router, you know the ones that that cable company gives you that is modem and router all in one. So I did a little research and found a modem thatRead More →

So, why ASUS ROG Review about ASUS ROG Laptops? Why did I add it to my personal website? Well simply put I like the ASUS ROG series and even personally own one for my personal computer. In fact the laptop that I am writing this on is an ASUS ROG. Why did I Buy an ASUS ROG? I bought an ASUS ROG for my personal laptop for multiple reasons. No it wasn’t for gaming and yes I know that it is a gaming machine. I chose it for the following reason: Upgradability – the ability and options to upgrade is essential for me. Initial SpecsRead More →

Wikipedia defines it as so: In computing, a server is a computer program or a device that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called “clients”. This architecture is called the client�server model, and a single overall computation is distributed across multiple processes or devices. So what does this mean? Simply put a server is a computer that has software on it that allows you as the client to connect to it and then it returns responses to the request in the nature in which you request a.k.a. you type in a website address and the server response with the pages or page youRead More →

SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer and what it does is encrypt the traffic going from your browser to the Web Server. SSL is really no longer a thing and has been replaced by TLS or Transport Layer Security. It is just still referred to as SSL for simplicity and old habits die hard as it were. Do to many regulations if you have any type of login or PII (Personal Identifiable Information) you maybe legally required to have an SSL to encrypt all of your website traffic or at least the the parts with logins and sensitive information. If you do notRead More →

web hosting

In the simplest terms shared hosting is where you and other people share resources on a web server (place where your website is sent from when someone types say before it shows in your browser aka Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explore or Edge). When you are just starting out this can be a very cost effective way to host your website and have it available 24/7. As a developer for over 12 years I personally use shared hosting even for this website you are on now. Using this allows me to host this website for low cost and very little maintenance. If you areRead More →

Yeah, so I haven’t added anything for a while and I definitely have to since I have read about 50 since my last post. I know I need to improve my reviews just trying to figure out how without giving spoilers 🙂 Well does WP have emojis? Ok so I checked and I guess at least my theme does. 😝Read More →

OK. I was reading this article and thought it would be worth sharing here. �It is a principle that I have learned to live by and is very useful in development. �Check it out and let me know what you think.   The Scotty Principle  Read More →