New Theme Development

Ok fair,

I could put one together quick but if you remember I said I lets have some fun and where would the fun be in just throwing something together really quick?

So since WordPress comes with PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us, I thought to myself I would love to learn them. Sure I could use JQuery and JQuery UI or BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS. But I already know them so where would the fun be in that?

I could use AngularJS and that would be fun and everything even though I already know that as well though I am working on other projects with that so yeah that explains that.

I do also love Magento which also uses PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us. So there is other benefits to learning them.

So coming to the conclusion that I want to build this with PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us it is going to take a bit longer do to the learning curb. Though any things worth sharing along the way I will be posting.

New Year 2014

Ok, I guess I better start to make this sight a little bit more fun then just a boring default them.

Personalize it you say, as no doubt most would want to do. This thought has not escaped me though I have thought to myself that that takes away from time that I might want to spend working on my other projects or even better just spending time with family or just doing nothing. After all that can be a good thing.

Lets be honest all work and no play makes me rather dull.

With that said I believe a can probably wipe together a customized theme in a few hours, just where do I start. Crap there goes 1 hour…