Samsung Smart TV Review 2020

Samsung Smart TV

So why am I doing a Samsung Smart TV Review and why did I add it to my list of things that I am interested in?

Samsung Smart TV review simplified:

When it comes to buying Smart TVs I personally won’t even think about buying any other brand of Smart TV. I have had family members that have had other brands and watched as the TVs apps started not being supported any more and fading away.

Sure this can be fixed with something like Roku and my family member got one to be able to still use there older TV but now all their newer TVs that they have gotten have also been Samsung as well.

Samsung Smart TV Review

My first Smart TV is a Samsung Smart TV, I did look at other brands I settled on a Samsung because it had the features I was looking for and I found the picture just to be better than the other brands. The apps on this TV still work fine and the TV is about 6 years old now and still going strong.

I have since bought 2 more Samsung Smart TVs and will buy another one on my next purchase as long as the quality stays up. I love their QLED series I just personally can’t pull myself to buying one at that price point, but they are starting to come down.

Samsung Smart TVs:

Samsung Smart TV FAQ

Is Samsung TV a good brand?

I personally find them to be the best TVs going right now in 2020. Samsung TVs are the market leader and top-tier in TV manufacturing.

How long do Samsung smart TVs last?

I personally have one that is about 6 years old though depending how much you watch it that can be more or less but the average based on 5 hours of watching a day is 4 1/2 to almost 7 years.

Which Samsung Smart TV is best?

Best Samsung TV: Samsung Q90 QLED.
Best reasonably priced Samsung TV: Samsung Q80 QLED.
Best budget Samsung TV: Samsung RU7470 LED.
Best blowout Samsung TV: Samsung Q950TS 8K QLED.

Which brand is best for Smart TV? says that the LG B9 QLED is for streaming, I personally have had issues with LG TVs with their lack of continued support of their apps. For me it’s not just about quality of picture but also length of time.


I have personally found Samsung Smart TVs to be the best ones going and will continue to buy them as long as they keep up the quality.

How do you feel about Samsung Smart TVs?