Why ASUS Routers?

Why ASUS Routers? For starters let me tell you a little story.

I gotten high speed internet and I kept running into this issue where my internet would constantly keep dropping and for what I was paying for I just could not understand why my download speed was horrible and I kept having issues.

Since I have a technical background I had diagnosed and determined that it had to be the router, the garbage fin router, you know the ones that that cable company gives you that is modem and router all in one.

So I did a little research and found a modem that would work with my ISP and a router. (The modem was also ASUS) and then one day I saw a Lighting Deal on Amazon for both the modem and the router for basically half off so I had to get it.

I got it delivered with 2 day shipping and hooked them up and got my modem activated with my ISP. Then I to my amazement I not only was no longer dropping my internet but I was seeing speeds that I had never seen, even faster than what I thought I was paying for and all of my internet problems I was having went away.

Fast forward to today, I am still using an ASUS router though a much better one than I did then only because I upgraded due to the additional demand on the network with all the smart devices.

What are the benefits of ASUS Routers?

Well there are several benefits outside of the ones I already mentioned but I will break them down here.

  • More reliable than the one the ISP provides
  • Has a built in firewall
  • Is a closed off network from the rest of the world
  • Faster network sharing of data and devices.
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • AiMesh – only on higher end models but boy is it cool.


Having said all of this if you are still using your ISP provided Modem/Router I definitely recommend you upgrade and I can personally tell you that the ASUS routers are the way to go. They make a great product and other then a device just getting slow from being 2ish years old (gonna happen to most devices) I have had an amazing experience using them.

Have you used the ASUS series of routers? Which ones do you recommend?

Comment below and let me know.