So, why ASUS ROG Review about ASUS ROG Laptops? Why did I add it to my personal website?

Well simply put I like the ASUS ROG series and even personally own one for my personal computer. In fact the laptop that I am writing this on is an ASUS ROG.

Why did I Buy an ASUS ROG?

I bought an ASUS ROG for my personal laptop for multiple reasons. No it wasn’t for gaming and yes I know that it is a gaming machine. I chose it for the following reason:

  • Upgradability – the ability and options to upgrade is essential for me.
  • Initial Specs – It has some great specifications out of the box.
  • Multiply Monitors Option – I have been able to hook up additional monitors.

Now the model I got didn’t have the best graphics because I didn’t need it because I wasn’t doing any major gaming or any Graphic Design, however their higher end models do have some of the best graphic cards that you can find on the market.

For me these were the key features I focused on because as a developer I needed a lot of a system to run Virtual Machines (VM)s and to run other things that I may need to run.

Now the bonus I have come across as the years have passed is these additional features has kept my computer running strong and still faster than my work computer. And for some reason has Windows Upgrades and Updates all Windows computers seem to get slower and slower, you know what I’m talking about.

Now granted I have upgraded my laptop to almost it’s max capacity in terms of ports.


I wish the support was just a little better but for the times I have had to contact support they were very helpful and seemed like they really wanted to help.

The big issue I dealt with was when Windows 10 updated it made my SD Card reader not work for a bit and I had to figure out some by finding a newer driver to make it work again.

Having said that I haven’t had any other issues and the laptop has been very reliable.

Will I buy another ASUS ROG?

I can guarantee when it comes time that I need to upgrade or just need to replace my current laptop that I have had for going on 5 years now I will be buying another newer model without thinking twice.


I personally have found the ASUS ROG Series to be some of the best and most reliable computers I have ever used.

Have you had an ASUS ROG? How do you feel about yours?

Comment below and let me know.