Recently I had an issue where I needed to add a JWT Token to the header of my API calls with Angular2 and with me practicing T-DRY, I had to figure out a way to do it. I searched and searched and found almost nothing. I did however find a way to build a factory to do it and then noticed that there is hardly any documentation and hardly any resources about it. So I figured it would be helpful to others if I added it here.Read More →

So I created my current theme which is ok and I used Twitter Bootstrap 3 to make it. The problem I have is I didn’t finish the functionality of it on the backend and I don’t know if I am going to between not feeling like it (Yes I will admit I am being a little lazy) and I rather spend time on more important things and projects I just don’t foresee myself doing it. Not to mention most of the new ones that are free and available are great, maintained and I can focus more time on writing I think I might go withRead More →

Ok so some of you might be wondering other then the books you have already seen here what type of books to I spend my time reading. I often will read of course programming books since I do programming for a living, however I will often read books on Business, self-improvement, Accounting and general finance, Marketing, how to’s and autobiographies on the greats like Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and the like.  From reading these things I am able to learn the secrets and from others failures without have to make more of my own then I have too.  IRead More →

Now that I have redone the theme in Twitter Bootstrap the fun part begins. Let me start by saying that some of the things have really been a pain to do with WordPress and I have had to create multiple Custom Walkers in order to get have the stuff done. I did have some help with wp-bootstrap-navwalker and were it is great to start with it really lacks on some of the things I want to do since I want way more then a simple 1 level drop down. I would also like support for Font Awesome which it strangly does not, it does howeverRead More →

Ok, I admit I kinda rushed my personal theme and I am starting to not like it already. Why? lets see.. It’s not responsive. It’s kind of dark a glumy. I know I can do better. And I know I can do better. Which is a good enough reason for me. Of course it will need to site on the back burner for a little bit though since I have more important projects to work on first though none the less I will be redoing it just not sure how yet. hmmm. Oh yeah if you are wondering why the title it is because IRead More →

Ok I have the “New Theme” complete for the moment. Yes I know that there maybe a bug or two and if you find one please let me know so I can fix it. Though all in all other than the interactive side with the JavaScript it is done for the moment is done is such a thing… I got other projects I need to work on so my poor baby will have to take back seat for a minute while I work on them. Of course I will still be posting updates though and adding something new here and there. ( Huh I’m contemplating ifRead More →

Ok fair, I could put one together quick but if you remember I said I lets have some fun and where would the fun be in just throwing something together really quick? So since WordPress comes with PrototypeJS  and Script.Aculo.Us, I thought to myself I would love to learn them. Sure I could use JQuery and JQuery UI  or BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS. But I already know them so where would the fun be in that? I could use AngularJS and that would be fun and everything even though I already know that as well though I am working on other projects with that so yeahRead More →

Ok, I guess I better start to make this sight a little bit more fun then just a boring default them. Personalize it you say, as no doubt most would want to do.  This thought has not escaped me though I have thought to myself that that takes away from time that I might want to spend working on my other projects or even better just spending time with family or just doing nothing. After all that can be a good thing. Lets be honest all work and no play makes me rather dull. With that said I believe a can probably wipe together aRead More →