Considering Changing My Theme

So I created my current theme which is ok and I used Twitter Bootstrap 3 to make it. The problem I have is I didn’t finish the functionality of it on the backend and I don’t know if I am going to between not feeling like it (Yes I will admit I am being a little lazy) and I rather spend time on more important things and projects I just don’t foresee myself doing it.

Not to mention most of the new ones that are free and available are great, maintained and I can focus more time on writing I think I might go with one of them for the update. 

The funny thing that you will find with most programmers is they have some many projects that they are doing, want to do or thinking about doing that their own personal website is usually crap and it just keeps getting put on the back burner and pushed further and further down the road. 

Funny if you really think about it. Can do it, but just don’t really feel like it. 

Until Next time.