Why ASUS Routers? For starters let me tell you a little story. I gotten high speed internet and I kept running into this issue where my internet would constantly keep dropping and for what I was paying for I just could not understand why my download speed was horrible and I kept having issues. Since I have a technical background I had diagnosed and determined that it had to be the router, the garbage fin router, you know the ones that that cable company gives you that is modem and router all in one. So I did a little research and found a modem thatRead More →

So, why ASUS ROG Review about ASUS ROG Laptops? Why did I add it to my personal website? Well simply put I like the ASUS ROG series and even personally own one for my personal computer. In fact the laptop that I am writing this on is an ASUS ROG. Why did I Buy an ASUS ROG? I bought an ASUS ROG for my personal laptop for multiple reasons. No it wasn’t for gaming and yes I know that it is a gaming machine. I chose it for the following reason: Upgradability – the ability and options to upgrade is essential for me. Initial SpecsRead More →