Why One Topic?

Why One Topic? I mean don’t get me wrong I get this concept, I really do. The concept goes as so:

Have your site focus on one niche so that it is targeted and you look like the guru in it.

Which I understand that though what I am about to do here on my site is break that rule, break it no, absolutely shatter it.

I mean don’t get me wrong on my other websites they yes will be targeted and focused on one niche. But on my own personally site that is about me and I am the brand and have no intentions of ever selling it I am going to write and talk about the things that I like.

What do I like?

Well like most people I like a lot of things. Well maybe I like or at least am interested in way more than just a lot of things and I can honestly say that as I have gotten older my inquisitive nature never really went away.

You know that starry eyed nature as a child where everything fascinates you.

Yeah that never went away and barely decreased at all as I have gotten older. Sure it wasn’t much there during my teenage years when I thought I had everything figured out and no one could tell me different, but now more than anytime I am constantly wanting to learn new things and find out what I don’t know. So much so that my favorite quote is

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


So I attest that I know nothing, nothing at all or at least I am constantly finding out how much I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what there is to know.

But not only do I love knowledge, but I love my family and what I consider cool/neat stuff.

For instance even though I don’t really like spiders, well I’m ok with them as long as I know where they are. I never would have thought that I would actually find one to be pretty, until I found out about this one today:


Don’t ask me what the purpose of it’s shininess is cause I honestly couldn’t tell you. I didn’t go that deep into it but the link with the image I shared does go into more depth about it if you are interested in learning more.

But I digress, I just find such things to be fascinating and I have a lot of interest.


Having said all of this I have decided to make my website more about me and all the things that interest me, whether that be facts, coding, products or even just ideas that others may have that I like the concept.

What type of things are you interested in? Comment below and tell me about it.