Why One Topic?

Why One Topic? I mean don’t get me wrong I get this concept, I really do. The concept goes as so:

Have your site focus on one niche so that it is targeted and you look like the guru in it.

Which I understand that though what I am about to do here on my site is break that rule, break it no, absolutely shatter it.

I mean don’t get me wrong on my other websites they yes will be targeted and focused on one niche. But on my own personally site that is about me and I am the brand and have no intentions of ever selling it I am going to write and talk about the things that I like.

What do I like?

Well like most people I like a lot of things. Well maybe I like or at least am interested in way more than just a lot of things and I can honestly say that as I have gotten older my inquisitive nature never really went away.

You know that starry eyed nature as a child where everything fascinates you.

Yeah that never went away and barely decreased at all as I have gotten older. Sure it wasn’t much there during my teenage years when I thought I had everything figured out and no one could tell me different, but now more than anytime I am constantly wanting to learn new things and find out what I don’t know. So much so that my favorite quote is

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


So I attest that I know nothing, nothing at all or at least I am constantly finding out how much I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what there is to know.

But not only do I love knowledge, but I love my family and what I consider cool/neat stuff.

For instance even though I don’t really like spiders, well I’m ok with them as long as I know where they are. I never would have thought that I would actually find one to be pretty, until I found out about this one today:


Don’t ask me what the purpose of it’s shininess is cause I honestly couldn’t tell you. I didn’t go that deep into it but the link with the image I shared does go into more depth about it if you are interested in learning more.

But I digress, I just find such things to be fascinating and I have a lot of interest.


Having said all of this I have decided to make my website more about me and all the things that interest me, whether that be facts, coding, products or even just ideas that others may have that I like the concept.

What type of things are you interested in? Comment below and tell me about it.

Update coming soon

Yeah, so I haven’t added anything for a while and I definitely have to since I have read about 50 since my last post.

I know I need to improve my reviews just trying to figure out how without giving spoilers 🙂

Well does WP have emojis?

Ok so I checked and I guess at least my theme does. 😝

Considering Changing My Theme

So I created my current theme which is ok and I used Twitter Bootstrap 3 to make it. The problem I have is I didn’t finish the functionality of it on the backend and I don’t know if I am going to between not feeling like it (Yes I will admit I am being a little lazy) and I rather spend time on more important things and projects I just don’t foresee myself doing it.

Not to mention most of the new ones that are free and available are great, maintained and I can focus more time on writing I think I might go with one of them for the update. 

The funny thing that you will find with most programmers is they have some many projects that they are doing, want to do or thinking about doing that their own personal website is usually crap and it just keeps getting put on the back burner and pushed further and further down the road. 

Funny if you really think about it. Can do it, but just don’t really feel like it. 

Until Next time.

Type of Books I read most.

Ok so some of you might be wondering other then the books you have already seen here what type of books to I spend my time reading.

I often will read of course programming books since I do programming for a living, however I will often read books on Business, self-improvement, Accounting and general finance, Marketing, how to’s and autobiographies on the greats like Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and the like. 

From reading these things I am able to learn the secrets and from others failures without have to make more of my own then I have too. 

I bet you guess what I want to be when I grow up… 🙂 Well older anyways. 

Until next time. 

Theme Redone – Twitter Bootstrap

Now that I have redone the theme in Twitter Bootstrap the fun part begins.

Let me start by saying that some of the things have really been a pain to do with WordPress and I have had to create multiple Custom Walkers in order to get have the stuff done.

I did have some help with wp-bootstrap-navwalker and were it is great to start with it really lacks on some of the things I want to do since I want way more then a simple 1 level drop down. I would also like support for Font Awesome which it strangly does not, it does however (on a positive note) support for the builtin Glyphicons

I also had to extend the Walker_Comment class which I would give a link to the documentation for it but there really is none… SERIOUSLY!

Well I am glad that I develop for a living or I would be S.O.L.

Note for people just starting development. “Always, Always look at the vendor code and see what everything is doing if you really want to get things done.”

By the way I do still love WordPress.

Ok so next I am working on the front-page.php with a Carousel and rewriting the Bootstrap Nav walker which extends the Walker_Nav_Menu class. Oh and there is no Documentation for it either, though I will say I do have to give it to the WordPress development team for well commenting there code.


Bootstrap… Yep redoing my theme with it.

Ok, I admit I kinda rushed my personal theme and I am starting to not like it already.

  • Why? lets see..
  • It’s not responsive.
  • It’s kind of dark a glumy.
  • I know I can do better.

And I know I can do better. Which is a good enough reason for me.

Of course it will need to site on the back burner for a little bit though since I have more important projects to work on first though none the less I will be redoing it just not sure how yet. hmmm.

Oh yeah if you are wondering why the title it is because I am going to use Bootstrap.


New Theme Complete!..?

Ok I have the “New Theme” complete for the moment.

Yes I know that there maybe a bug or two and if you find one please let me know so I can fix it. Though all in all other than the interactive side with the JavaScript it is done for the moment is done is such a thing…

I got other projects I need to work on so my poor baby will have to take back seat for a minute while I work on them. Of course I will still be posting updates though and adding something new here and there.

( Huh I’m contemplating if I really need to add some type of closing sentence… Yeah sorry no this is good enough. )

New Theme Development

Ok fair,

I could put one together quick but if you remember I said I lets have some fun and where would the fun be in just throwing something together really quick?

So since WordPress comes with PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us, I thought to myself I would love to learn them. Sure I could use JQuery and JQuery UI or BackboneJS and UnderscoreJS. But I already know them so where would the fun be in that?

I could use AngularJS and that would be fun and everything even though I already know that as well though I am working on other projects with that so yeah that explains that.

I do also love Magento which also uses PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us. So there is other benefits to learning them.

So coming to the conclusion that I want to build this with PrototypeJS and Script.Aculo.Us it is going to take a bit longer do to the learning curb. Though any things worth sharing along the way I will be posting.

New Year 2014

Ok, I guess I better start to make this sight a little bit more fun then just a boring default them.

Personalize it you say, as no doubt most would want to do. This thought has not escaped me though I have thought to myself that that takes away from time that I might want to spend working on my other projects or even better just spending time with family or just doing nothing. After all that can be a good thing.

Lets be honest all work and no play makes me rather dull.

With that said I believe a can probably wipe together a customized theme in a few hours, just where do I start. Crap there goes 1 hour…