So you got your WordPress website setup but do you have it optimized or secured? Is your wp config/wp-config done right? Most of what is in this doesn’t require you to have root access (also known as administrator in the Windows world) or even much knowledge about programming for that matter. All you will need to do to accomplish this is copy the code below and replace the sections with the <> with your information and you will be set to go. If you don’t have a development environment or even know what that is then don’t worry about the ‘local’ section. Now I didRead More →

OK. I was reading this article and thought it would be worth sharing here. �It is a principle that I have learned to live by and is very useful in development. �Check it out and let me know what you think.   The Scotty Principle  Read More →

Recently I had an issue where I needed to add a JWT Token to the header of my API calls with Angular2 and with me practicing T-DRY, I had to figure out a way to do it. I searched and searched and found almost nothing. I did however find a way to build a factory to do it and then noticed that there is hardly any documentation and hardly any resources about it. So I figured it would be helpful to others if I added it here.Read More →