Theme Redone – Twitter Bootstrap

Now that I have redone the theme in Twitter Bootstrap the fun part begins.

Let me start by saying that some of the things have really been a pain to do with WordPress and I have had to create multiple Custom Walkers in order to get have the stuff done.

I did have some help with wp-bootstrap-navwalker and were it is great to start with it really lacks on some of the things I want to do since I want way more then a simple 1 level drop down. I would also like support for Font Awesome which it strangly does not, it does however (on a positive note) support for the builtin Glyphicons

I also had to extend the Walker_Comment class which I would give a link to the documentation for it but there really is none… SERIOUSLY!

Well I am glad that I develop for a living or I would be S.O.L.

Note for people just starting development. “Always, Always look at the vendor code and see what everything is doing if you really want to get things done.”

By the way I do still love WordPress.

Ok so next I am working on the front-page.php with a Carousel and rewriting the Bootstrap Nav walker which extends the Walker_Nav_Menu class. Oh and there is no Documentation for it either, though I will say I do have to give it to the WordPress development team for well commenting there code.


Bootstrap… Yep redoing my theme with it.

Ok, I admit I kinda rushed my personal theme and I am starting to not like it already.

  • Why? lets see..
  • It’s not responsive.
  • It’s kind of dark a glumy.
  • I know I can do better.

And I know I can do better. Which is a good enough reason for me.

Of course it will need to site on the back burner for a little bit though since I have more important projects to work on first though none the less I will be redoing it just not sure how yet. hmmm.

Oh yeah if you are wondering why the title it is because I am going to use Bootstrap.


JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Activate Your Web Pages (Definitive Guides)

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Activate Your Web Pages

This book was great!

For warning it is very long (something like over 1000 pages) though not including the function references the chapters come to about 750 pages.

It is very intuitive and in-depth with the language of JavaScript and even includes a complete chapter about jQuery which covers pretty much the entire jQuery library.

This is the book I would recommend most for getting nitty gritty with JavaScript. It has step-by-step examples and as I said a complete reference of the JavaScript functions and methods.

How to make prototypes (not to be confused with the Prototypejs Framework which uses JavaScripts prototypes to use JavaScript in a Object Oriented Programming way) and much, much more.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Activate Your Web Pages (Definitive Guides)


Learning Perl, 5th Edition

Learning Perl, 5th Edition

After reading this book I have found it quite easy to start picking up the basics of Perl which as ugly as the language might be I am finding to be quite powerful. Of course if you already program in Perl then you already know this.

The book focus on the basics to get you started and has great footnotes. It is a rather small book which not including the Appendices is only about 240 pages. So if you are interested in learning Perl I do find this book to be a great place to start.

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Learning Perl, 5th Edition


New Theme Complete!..?

Ok I have the “New Theme” complete for the moment.

Yes I know that there maybe a bug or two and if you find one please let me know so I can fix it. Though all in all other than the interactive side with the JavaScript it is done for the moment is done is such a thing…

I got other projects I need to work on so my poor baby will have to take back seat for a minute while I work on them. Of course I will still be posting updates though and adding something new here and there.

( Huh I’m contemplating if I really need to add some type of closing sentence… Yeah sorry no this is good enough. )